Dance Portfolio

Meher Dance Company

Dancer, Choreographer, artistic director

‘India 91’ is an incredibly creative fusion piece that showcases the technical diversity and talents of company members. The dance styles presented include bharatanatyam, kathak, lavani, hip hop, garba, tap, and Bollywood funk.
Morni Banke‘ is a high energy Bhangra piece that performs well at weddings and parties.
Ghunguroo‘. An impromptu dance performed at the 2019 Chicago South Asian Film Festival.
‘BUZZ’ is a sultry summer dance in the Bollyhop style.
‘Gun Gun Guna’ is a true Bollywood piece that captures the big expressions and storytelling tradition of the movies. This was my first experience in artistic direction.
Aashiq Surrender Hua‘ is in the tapori “street” tradition of Bollywood dance. This was filmed in Lincoln Park, Chicago.
‘DILBAR’ – Assistant Choreographer

Northwestern Anubhav

Dancer, 2017

natya at Berkeley

Dancer, manager 2013-2016

“The Power of Storytelling” – Competition Piece 2016
“The Descent of Ganga”. – Competition Piece 2015
“War and Peace” – Competition Piece 2014