Dance Summary

Being a dancer in Indian movies was my first dream career. More than a physical activity, dance is a form of storytelling to me. Indian dance styles have emotion-rich gestures and facial expressions, which complement the meaning of a song. Engaging with an audience and pulling them into my story, even if it’s their first time watching Indian dance, is what motivates me. 

I formally trained in Bharatanatyam under Guru Dr. Malini Krishnamurthi at the Natyanjali School of Dance. Over the years, I have gained confidence and proficiency in other styles, including Bollywood, semi-classical Indian, Kathak, Bhangra, Lavni, hip hop, and Bollywaack/waacking.

Check out my portfolio of dance videos!

Dance Resume

2018-2020Meher Dance Company, Chicago, IL
Dancer, Choreographer, Junior Artistic Director
2017Mandala Arts, Chicago, IL
Dancer, Choreographer
2017Northwestern Anubhav, Evanston, IL
2013-2016Natya at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Dancer, Choreographer, Manager
2005-2012Natyanjali School of Dance, West Covina, CA
Bharatanatyam Student (Tanjore)
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