I am currently a researcher in the Hersam research group at Northwestern University. My Ph.D. work focuses on fabricating electronic devices from solution-processed nanomaterials. In particular, I work with 2D materials – a class of nanomaterials with a wide range of optical and electronic properties. 2D materials can easily be paired together through printing techniques to produce a wide range of common electronic devices, such as thin film transistors, photodetectors, and electrochemical sensors.

Published Work

For the original papers, please find the links at my Google Scholar profile.

Learn more about electrochemical biosensing, neuromorphic computing and ultrawide band-gap devices through these blog posts!

Graphene-based Electrochemical Biosensors

C.C. Pola*, S.V. Rangnekar*, R. Sheets, B.M. Szydlowska, J.R. Downing, K.W. Parate, S.G. Wallace, D. Tsai, M.C. Hersam, C.L. Gomes, J.C. Claussen. “Aerosol-jet-printed graphene electrochemical immunosensors for rapid and label-free detection of SARS-CoV-2 in saliva.” 2D Materials, 9, 035016 (2022).

S.G. Wallace, M. Brothers, Z. Brooks, S.V. Rangnekar, D. Lam, M. St. Lawrence, W. Gaviria Rojas, K.W. Putz, S. Kim, M.C. Hersam. “Fully printed and flexible multi-material electrochemical aptasensor platform enabled by selective graphene biofunctionalization.” Engineering Research Express, 4, 015037 (2021).

K. Parate*, C.C. Pola*, S.V. Rangnekar*, D.L. Mendivelso‐Perez, E. Smith, M.C. Hersam, C.L. Gomes, J. Claussen. “Aerosol‐ jet‐printed graphene electrochemical histamine sensors for food safety monitoring.” 2D Materials, 7, 034002 (2020).

K. Parate*, S.V. Rangnekar*, D. Jing, D.L. Mendivelso‐Perez, S. Ding, E.B. Secor, E.A. Smith, J.M. Hostetter, M.C. Hersam, J.C. Claussen. “Aerosol‐jet‐printed graphene immunosensor for label‐free cytokine monitoring in serum.” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12, 8592‐8603 (2020).

2D Semiconductors in Solution-Processed Electronics

L. Kuo, V.K. Sangwan, S.V. Rangnekar, T.-C. Chu, D. Lam, Z. Zhu, L.J. Richter, R. Li, J.R. Downing, B.J. Luijten L.J. Lauhon, M.C. Hersam. “All-Printed Ultrahigh-Responsivity MoS2 Nanosheet Photodetectors Enabled by Megasonic Exfoliation.” Advanced Materials, 34, 2203772(2022).

V.K. Sangwan*, S.V. Rangnekar*, J. Kang*, J. Shen, H.‐S. Lee, D. Lam, H. Wang, J. Shen, X. Liu, A.C.M. de Moraes, L. Kuo, J. Gu, M.C. Hersam. “Visualizing Memristive Switching in Solution‐Processed Two‐Dimensional Semiconductors.” Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2107385 (2021).

R.C. Hanus, S.V. Rangnekar, E. Heller, M.C. Hersam, A. Kahn, S. Graham. “Thermoreflectance imaging of (ultra)wide bandgap devices with MoS2 enhancement coatings.” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 13, 42195–42204 (2021).

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