Laasya 2016

March 12, 2016
El Cerrito Performing Arts Theatre
El Cerrito, CA

There’s no bigger rush for me than to visualize something and then see it come to life.

Laasya 2016 was a labor of love and commitment. Nine months of planning and preparation culminated in a exciting weekend of dance, music, and philanthropy. Throughout the process, I was blessed to have a supportive team: my co-director Ilakya, who was at times the only person who understood the craziness of my life; the Laasya board, which consisted of Cal undergrads who agreed to believe in our vision and put in the hard work of realizing it; my roommates and friends, who put up with my erratic work schedule and supported however they could; and my parents and extended family, who supported through phone call therapy and donations.

Laasya 2016 by the numbers


months of planning


Laasya 2016 board members


donated to Asha for Education


classical Indian dance teams from across the country


dancers to supply with food, housing, and Laasya swag


event tickets sold, selling out El Cerrito Performing Arts Theatre


tickets sold for afterparty at Pappy’s on Telegraph