Science Storytelling

I hate that so many people think they’re not “smart enough” to understand science. In my daily conversations and official presentations, I work hard to make the world of science accessible to others through careful storytelling, analogies, and vivid graphics.

Julia and hans weertman: a legacy of scholarship, mentorship, and lives well-lived

Sonal Rangnekar and Riley Hanus. MRS Bulletin 44 (3), 221-222.

I coauthored an article about Julia and Hans Weertman for the MRS Bulletin as part of coverage of their legacy in 2018.

Julia and Hans Weertman were professors of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University. They were an academic power couple and left an incredible legacy of scientific and personal achievement. Both passed away in 2018, and I had the opportunity to attend a Symposium in Honor and Remembrances of Johannes (Hans) and Julia Weertman at Northwestern, where I listened to stories of science and camaraderie from their family, friends, and colleagues.

Printed graphene biosensors poster #Avsposters2020

I created an infographic-inspired poster for the 2020 AVS Twitter Poster Competition for an audience of scientists. This poster summarizes my recent publications on printed graphene biosensors.

Communicating with Science journalists

In February 2020, I had the opportunity to work with a group of Medill journalism students on reporting about science. I gave a brief presentation about my graphene biosensors work and then helped them craft good news articles about the science.