Sonal’s Guide to Writing College Application Essays

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Over the last 10 years, I’ve spent a lot of time writing and editing application essays for college, grad school programs, and more. I’ve even taught writing workshops to help high school students get the most from their application essay. I’ve finally translated the essential parts of my workshop into blog posts here on my website.

Curious about my experience with writing college essays and editing them? Check out my personal introduction here.

The College Application Essay Basics
Get motivated to create a a well-written and compelling essay!

The Five-Step Guide to the College Application Essay
Plan ahead for writing each of your essays.

Authentic and Unique Storytelling with the 50 Words Activity
Learn about yourself and find the perfect story to tell in your college essay.

Avoiding Clichés and Taking Risks with Your College Application Essay
Choose an essay theme that’s true to you and avoids common pitfalls.

Writing Rules for the College Application Essay
Writing conventions to keep in mind as your write and edit your essay.

Writing a Concise Personal Statement
Be a more effective editor of your own work!

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